Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New clothes :))♥

New cl0thes. If you look at the 1st page, you will see the white hotbuys skirt. This skirt came out a couple years ago. There was also a black one of this. The black one is one of the oldest hotbuys, and it is VERY rare. :))

I really like the hotbuys dress. Its cheap and nice :D

BTW stardoll is acting odd. They advertised a sale, but there was NON! They advertsied miss.sixty, BUT IT NEVER CAME OUT!. Well some people have it. But I never saw it in the shops. It was probably out for an hour. Kuz I go on stardoll everyday, and I nevers saw it up! Please message me on stardoll if you have it! I would love to buy!!

My username is: maryammomen . :)