Thursday, May 7, 2009

TONS of new clothes!

here's the gossip;;

well, there's new ADORABLE clothes out! here's a few quick pics:

okay, regarding these clothes, i have a few comments. 1st, I just wanted to point out that on the 1st and 2nd page ALL of the clothes are non superstar clothes. YAY! 2nd, a few of these clothes are actually copies of old clothes. on the 1st pic, the evil panda yellow shoes and evil panda yellow dress: the shoes were originally called "Punk shoes" or something like that, and they were red. The dress, originally was red and was released for valentine's day. On the 2nd pic, again green evil panda shoes. this is the same as the yellow evil panda shoes. On the 3rd pic, there isn't a copy. I just wanted to make a statement about some things: 'The socks': I LOVE them! they're just too cute! 'The braids': Personally,  i think they look like a horse's tale braided. but it looks fine on some stardolls. Are they making more colors? Because a lot of people have really light blonde hair, and stardoll didn't release a light blonde braid.

untill next time;;