Friday, June 12, 2009

Some tips for trading :D

Heyy, I know that many people on stardoll trade rare items like first season dkny or old hotbuys. But sadly some of the people out there are scammers. I have gotten scammed many times, but Im not too sad about it. I have learned new things everytime I traded. So Im going to share some of that Info with you :D
1: Never ever go first unless you know for sure that the person is safe
2:Always ask them to take a screen shot of their transactions showing u that they have sold rare items.
3: When trading, do not put the item up for 2 sd. It is not safe. Maybe the person u are trading with is a scammer, so put the item up for 60, incase you do get scammed. :(
4: If you want to buy something for 100sd, make sure u buy the rare item for 60sd, and the other item for 40. Because 40sd is 20sd cheaper than 60sd. Incase the person is a scammer :D
5:Search the person up. When u search a username, the people who have that username in their presentation show up too, so read the person's presentation, maybe the person u are trading with is a scammer :S
Those are the things i wanted to share with you guys :D Hope it helped