Thursday, August 6, 2009

Covergirls? cheats? mone? and the golden certificate

No banner as i cant be bothered to put it up,but its wwediva224 here it goes.

Well as most of you know Emoroz4eva from HotbuyBazaars blog is taking on the challenge to become a long awaited covergirl for today or tomorrow with the help of her 700 + more readers.
2 medolls who go by the name of Bluegreen and Fayasi are popular on Stardoll,Acourse they have sugarcoated their suites with amazing design ideas and clothes that is out of this world.
So you would think everybody would vote them for their looks...but no it seemed different from that infact Bluegreen had a raffle going on and told everyone who voted they would be in it.Did she win covergirl? Yes she did because Stardoll users wanted the hands on the money and saw this as the most simpliest way to get it.

But im thinking otherwise,should you cheat to become covergirl or let your looks bring in the votes,well it does seem at the moment that the popular choice is too cheat.
Yes Ever since Bluegreen become a 1st time covergirl hundreds more of Stardoll addicts have got the disease to do the same.They would do raffles,give away prizes and even some rare one off clothes.
They would endulge anyone as soon as possible...broadcasting,clubs,comments,blogs anything you name they will be their.

I mean which broadcast would you choose if you saw 2 people going at it,technically their the same.Would you be interested enough to click a broadcast who is asking to be covergirl...yet again their all the same.

It seems the Golden souviette has become the hottest thing since sliced bread.