Monday, April 27, 2009

The games have come

I generosity of Stardollars 3rd Birthday,they have realeased the games where you can earn money...but it isnt what we all seemed

So far theirs only two games in...which is celebrity snapshot and style memory game,their 2 more games coming in the near future.

What you have to do is play one of those games and get a high score and get only get 5 stardollars but you can get a stardollar at each stage or at one moment..i got mine in one moment.

You only earn five,they will then appear on your medoll panel next to your purse..which is a new feature.


Click it and you it will take you to a new page..


It tells you how long you are superstar,starpoints,current money and account settings..

Now if you look you see a timer...Once you get the money you earned from the game you played you have a time period frame where you have to spend those five stardollars within that time limit,once it reaches.. 00:00:00 you can play a game again.

Stardoll says this is for a limited time,but i wish they would keep it their forever really.


blondebug said...

It doesnt effing work for me.