Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New features

Stardoll has added some new features to the Stardoll Universe..

Our suite has been changed,we dont have that bar at the bottam anymore,we just have the icons we usaully have...on both sides their used to be arrowe guidng to left and right in the suite instead theirs these black shadows.

in the screenshot you see some purple on left and right thats where the black shadow will appear to move you about in the suite.

Also its changed when you go to someones suite,when you click on the star icon it even says what rate the stars are,so now you know what one to rate with without guessing.


the select room function has changed,so when you click on the icon your house appears but with pink bars next to them telling you how many items you have in your room,also next your wardobe room you have a medoll editor...where i guess you can edit your own medoll..Thirdly

You can now go into other peoples medoll editors and see what they have in their jewel box,see what accesories they got and hairs.


You can now move around the...make up table,the hand,the erring holders and the bookcase in your wadrobe room or simply put them in your storage.