Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hacking on stardoll??

Right now I am very scared. I've heard that MANY accounts are getting hacked. && the people who hack them sell all the rare items the person has to their real account. When I first heard this, I thought "hmmm.... this cant be real... I mean you have to give out your password in order to be hacked, and people arent that stupid" ... But now that I heard aboutt eh employee code, I'm VERY scared of getting hacked. Im planning to hide my rare items in my storage, and leave my suit compeltley empty. But Idk. Im still very confused. I heard about the emplyee code yesterday. I don know if it is true or not. But it seems pretty true to me. I will post the link of the youtube video in this post. You guys should watch it. It seems all good, but DONT give your password and username to the email that it tells you to. Idk yet, the person could be the hacker them selves. Here is the link. I repeat DONT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO THE EMAIL!